an 8 Year Raw Vegan Detox Specialist
Regenerate Your Health 
Look And Feel Younger!
Congratulations on taking care of yourself! 

It's time you get control back over your wellbeing. 
It's time to get your energy levels back to how they were when you were young. 
It's time to slim down and feel confident in your bathing suit. 
It's time to come back to life and do all the things you love. 
It's time to keep up with the kids, have time for your partner and come home from work excited about life. 

It's time to look and feel your best!
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Look And Feel Younger
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What People Are Saying:
Jess V. - Miami, FL
Donnie D. - Toronto, ON
"...he derives so much joy from watching people succeed on their health journey."

"Jakub is so caring - he derives so much joy from watching people succeed on their health journey. He wants to raise the vibration of the world, one beautiful soul at a time.

His knowledge on detoxification, cleansing, and regeneration is so vast, you'll be completely supported throughout your healing journey.

He's full of integrity - so you'll be in good hands on your hero's journey. You can do this! 🙏"
Shari G. - San Diego, CA
"...He really wanted me to be successful, so I was!"

“Jakub is an extremely kind understanding health coach. He does not put pressure or encourage pushing yourself if it doesn’t work for your body (which really helped me because I’m a bit of a perfectionist). I was able to eliminate processed vegan meats with his help, start a juicing habit, and be more conscience in my food decisions. He really wanted me to be successful, so I was! Jakub brings immense value and compassion to his videos and work.” 
Rachel - New York City, NY
"...I recommend him to anyone trying to become their greatest version!"

“Jakub is one of the most genuine, grounded and caring people I know. His dedication to health, wellness and helping others is incredible. I recommend him to anyone trying to become their greatest version.” 
Jeannette - Miami, FL
Meet Kuba
A Detoxification Specialist and Eco-Advisor, I have been living a principally "raw vegan" lifestyle for over 8 years. It's been quite the journey! 

Understanding how to transition to a more whole foods diet, full of raw foods and freshly pressed juices has helped me to get onto a permanent healthy lifestyle with a sustained energy. 

Using cleanses followed by periods of rebuilding with the highest quality, most nutritious raw and living plant foods of the planet has been key to my success. I call this "regenerative cleansing". 

I love how in tune I am with my body and the food I eat. It is no longer a struggle but a joy to live such a healthy and abundant lifestyle. 

When you are healthy and feeling good, clear minded, vibrant in body and joyful in spirit, you can give the best of yourself to the world.

This is what I want to share with you 💫 
What Kuba's Programs Are All About:
Secret #1: What Society is Hiding From You.
Raw Living Foods
The more raw living foods we keep in our diet, the more life force energy we have. These are nature's foods full of sunlight energy, oxygen, structured water, minerals, vitamins and nutrition.

Secret #2: One Habit to Change Your Life Now!
Daily Juicing Habit:
Starting your day with a juice can change your life. You'll be hydrated, satisfied and feel more energized for your day. A short juice cleanse is also a great way to reset the system.

Secret #3: True Health: What You Must Know.
Nature Connection:
We are essentially just a part of the earth. We depend on the same elements as every other piece of life on this planet. Being outside and in contact with the earth, water, fresh air and water is a key aspect of a holistic healthy lifestyle.

Looking For Something Else?
Maybe you want a payment plan for one of the monthly coaching packages?

Maybe you just need a short consult? Or a longterm plan?

Book a strategy call with Kuba to discuss your health goals and we'll customize a program to your needs! 

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"I am not a medical doctor, and all the information in this video course and associated offer is for educational purposes only. This information is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. 
Please seek help from a health care provider for medical assistance."

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